Welcome to Ramagundam

        Ramagundam is situated in the Godavari Valley coalfields and has one of India's largest thermal power stations, run by NTPC. Ramagundam is considered the Manchester of India in light of the companies surrounding the area. Some of them are FCI: Fertilizer Corporation of India, Kesoram Cement, Basanth Nagar, NTPC sourcing 2600 MW of power 24/7 and the APSEB unit at Ramagundam. Ramagundam Airport code is RMD. The town Ramagundam gets its name from combination of two words (Rama + Gundam). A famous temple of Hindu god lord Rama is situated in old part of the town and Gundam means water springs(not a gaint robotgundam). There are more factories around this place that takes the raw material from the coalmines and prepares carbon derivatives.

        Ramagundam is connected through the South Central Railways which connects to all Four Metropolitan Cities of India(Delhi,Chennai,Calcutta,Mumbai). Most of the trains passing through this route stops in Ramagundam. The nearest airport (other than unused RDM) is around 250Kms(Hyderabad-HYD) away and connected through Highway NH-7 via Karimnagar and Siddipet. Ramagundam has good Educational institues: Government PG college, Kendriya vidyalaya, St Claire convent School, Sacred Heart School, Chinmaya Vidayalaya, Sindhura College of Engineering &Technology (est:2001) Vivekananda Institute of Technology and Science(est:2004).

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